Sandbank Community Development Trust was formed in 2002 by a group of local people who shared a common aim: to bring the people of Sandbank together and promote our local community. The trust is a charitable company limited by Guarantee, members liability is limited to a maximum of £1.

Since it’s launch in 2002 the trust has gone from strength to strength.

The main role of the trust is maximising opportunity for our village and residents by developing the Sandbank community alongside social and economic activities. The ultimate aim of the trust is to make sandbank a place of choice were people want to live and play.

The trust is run by a group of volunteer directors and office bearers, the directors and office bearers are all unpaid and give their time and effort free of charge. The directors come from various backgrounds and work together to ensure projects and business of the trust are managed in line with trust policy. As well as this, we are always on the lookout for people to assist and lend a hand. If you have the time and commitment to get involved, get in touch! Check our support page to see how you can get involved.

The trust are members of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs Community partnership. Being a member gives us opportunity to network with other trusts and public bodies. By sharing common knowledge and experiences members can build better trusts and communities. The community partnership hosts a range of training events for member trusts ensuring we are equipped with the correct skills and knowledge to take our trusts and communities forward.

The trust carries out a lot of fundraising activities through out the such as the charity car wash, Super market bag packing, football cards, various prize raffles, and the Sandbank Gala. The trust directors are always looking at methods of promoting our trust and generating income to cover running costs such as liability insurance, administration costs, accountant costs etc. etc. Funds raised by the trust supplement and increase our chances of securing grants for the various projects we have both done and plan to do.

Our trust is supported by many of the local traders through cash donations and donation of goods and services which we raffle at our community events throughout the year. A big thank you to each and every one of you!! Trust Members pay a small subscription to help fund our business costs and community activities. As we are a non profit making company who do not pay wages (at the moment) every penny we raise or gain is put back into the sandbank community. Also, on this note we always use local suppliers for goods and services where possible.

The trust receives many donations from the public, all of which is greatly appreciated.

The trust have carried out various improvement projects to date (Please refer to out projects section). By consulting with Sandbank Community and other stakeholders such as Loch Lomond and Trossachs national park authority, Scottish natural heritage, various funding bodies and the Local Authority we oversee community projects from conception, applying and then through to completion. At every step of a project the interest of the Sandbank community is kept at the core of all of our activities.

The Sandbank Gala is the biggest event on our calendar and is the main method of promoting the Trust and Sandbank Village. The 2010 Gala was in the Holy Loch Marina and was a huge success. Thanks to all who helped out and to those of you who spent the day with us. Check out our Gala page for more details.

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