Holy Loch Nature Reserve

Holy Loch Nature Reserve comprises around 24 acres of ungrazed saltmarsh, wild flower meadow and woodland, with reedbed and bog. These are intersected by five burns. Many small pools on the marsh support an array of water plants and animals.

Although the reserve is already home to at least 1000 plants, animals, fungi and many other types of organism, a plan is underway to add to this existing biodiversity by selective introduction of species that haven’t yet made it to the reserve by natural means. In this way, the reserve will become an ark for many species threatened by human activities.

An easy path to an accessible bird-watching hide, with bird feeders, makes the reserve suitable for everyone. Over 120 species of bird use the reserve during the year, and include Kingfisher, Osprey, Little Egret and Peregrine. Occasionally, a White-tailed Eagle overhead may spook the birds below, and cause them all to take to the air. Small populations of Curlew, Redshank, Teal and Wigeon overwinter around the loch before heading for their breeding grounds in late Spring and Summer.

The best time to visit is 1 hour either side of high tide. 

The Nature Reserve currently has it’s own website, Holy Loch Nature Reserve.  

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